About us

Milk Agency
full spectrum communications agency.

Creativity, Responsibility & Performance.
We seek to establish long-term partnerships at all times.


Big business & cultural events bringing together a wide spectrum of communications services.

We are uniquely placed to understand that rolling out a complex project requires focus on all areas:

  • creative solutions
  • design of brand identity & graphics
  • drawing out tech documents
  • web design
  • printed matter, souvenirs
  • video & multimedia production
  • public relations, advertising campaigns
  • exhibition solutions

A strong focus on each area helps to control the quality of our projects from the initial concept to rollout on site.

We are pleased to know that most our first-time customers come back.

Our Team

Milk Agency is committed to improving its professional skills.

Each member of our team has considerable teamwork experience. Today, we have built portfolio cases that helped us to earn a great professional reputation.

We are always happy to create new and challenging solutions, deal with tailored tasks and engage in lifelong learning.

Verevkin CEO
Vera Molochnaya Director
of Customer Service
Alexander Mikhaylov Art Director
Lyubov Timoshenko Lawyer
Anna Prokofieva Graphic designer
Victoria Anazarova Project Manager
Marina Sherbanova Project Manager
Victoria Murina Project Manager
Gerel Arangelova Project Manager
Valeria Kryventsova Project Manager

We cooperate with large companies and enterprises on a regular basis. Our customers include world-famous brands and government agencies of the Russian Federation, regional and federal companies.

Besides our key areas, Milk Agency owns practices helping to provide top quality of each service.