Book «Heroes of the Sky»

August – September, 2015

By the order of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise «Administration of civil airports (airdromes)» Milk Agency realized an editorial project «Heroes of the Sky» – a book about outstanding soviet aircraft pilots and aircraft designers, dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War.

The sponsor is the Federal State Unitary Enterprise «Administration of civil airports (airdromes)»
Dmitry Khazanov
Scientific adviser of the Russian Military Historical Society

Work on the project «Heroes of the Sky», approved by the head board of the Russian Military Historical Society, became a challenging and memorable stage of my artistic life. Voluminous historical piece of writing dedicated to military operations of the Soviet aviation and the most outstanding heroes, which covers the period of 1941 – 1945, should have been created as soon as possible, as well as added with photographs of war time, which hadn’t been published before or had been rarely published.

An offer to add the book with the album of photos, which were selected but were remained unused, was a pleasant surprise. However, this task was also managed – the edition went out by the 70th anniversary of the Victory in the Second World War.

Art work of the edition, developed by Milk Agency, is based on stylistics of war time and aviation theme. Layout of the main block of the book is made in classic style – one column. Special design solutions, such as «By the way», «Fact” and «Dossier», placed on the «parchment» liner, which stylistically correspond to the period of 1941-1945, were developed for filler elements. Sections dedicated to the models of aircrafts, are added with descriptions and illustrations.

A decision to create a photo album – an addendum to the gift version of the book, which included photographs not included into the main edition, was made after collection of materials was completed.

The book was highly appreciated by historians of military aviation, positive reviews for the book were given by Colonel-General of Aviation, Hero of the Soviet Union Vasily V. Reshetnikov

The list of services included into preparation and holding of the event:

  • collection and processing of information and graphic materials;
  • development of design conception of the book;
  • development of the structure and nomenclature of the book sections;
  • development of the book dummy;
  • production of 1,000 copies of the book.